Exhibition 'Arrêt sur Images' - Original photographs of Olivier Dassault

BARNES present 'Arrêt sur Images' Original photographs of Olivier Dassault

Exhibition from December 9, 2014 to April 2, 2015

In parallel to its activities in luxury real estate, BARNES has developed a concept of ephemeral galleries within its offices. His exhibitions are always appreciated by international customers, proving the value of the alliance between the luxury real estate and Art. From 9 December BARNES welcomes in his new office in the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré one of his favorite artists, Olivier Dassault, who will present twenty works.

After Acrobaties, rue Bonaparte late 2010, Métaphores, in Neuilly early 2011 and Insight in London at the 'Opera Gallery' in 2012, photographs of Olivier Dassault are again in the exhibition 'Arrêt sur Images' that BARNES honors.

It is fair to say that photography is the art of matching. It may as well be that of the construction and control.

In the viewfinder a form arises. It is a fact, but equally it may be a call, a boost to other forms. Here life begins. Inversion, duplication, fertility. The tip of the lens worlds arise

It is real that is no longer subject to reasoning and thought, if not on the forms themselves. Olivier Dassault resumes in hand, he tumbles his camera from the real world to that of the imagination.

So photography is revealed as affecting both the ends of art. Touch the truth of things there before and unveil what rises from the depths of ourselves.

The images of Olivier Dassault strike us first by their diversity. Is that they correspond to different directions of the plastic research. The artist is primarily a composer, that is to say, a visual harmonies builder. At one end of his research he is a carpenter. To build barricades, solid wood walls (Spirit Wall).

It bypasses the interpretation and goes straight to the form. 'I want to paint the virginity of the world' said Cezanne. But the trouble is that when we speak of art, especially photography, we begin to talk about something else, forgetting that this is all about shapes and colors. Between structural assemblies that structure the space and black holes that lead us into their dizziness, Olivier Dassault work is a visual fight that takes us to the edge of the visible. The 'Warrior of Light' as described Winn'Art.

Extract from Catalog 'Captures' Guy Pieters - Jean Claude Lemagny

At BARNES Saint-Honoré
120-122 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré - 75008 Paris
Exposition from December 9, 2014 to April 2, 2015


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