BARNES signs an exclusive Franco-Russian partnership with Kalinka

The President of BARNES, Thibault de Saint Vincent, and the President of the Board of Kalinka Group, Ekaterina Roumyantseva, formally announced their exclusive partnership. Founded in Moscow, the joint venture aims to support Russian buyers in their search for investments abroad and attract foreign capital in Russia, especially in the real estate sector upscale residential.

Welcome Russian investors on global places

By joining BARNES network as part of this partnership, KALINKA GROUP offers its customers access to an exclusive selection of high-end real estate located in major cities and resorts around the world. Currently, Russian buyers are continuing their acquisitions abroad, despite a general slowdown due to the political climate, economic and tax. France remains a favorite destination with sound values ​​her Paris, the Riviera and the alpine resorts. It is noteworthy that Russian investors are increasingly demanding and diversifying their geographical areas with a growing interest in Germany and the Scandinavian countries.

Receive international investors in Moscow

For its part, Moscow is experiencing arrival increasingly important to foreign investors wishing to benefit from lower prices of high-end real estate in dollar terms, up from -30 to -60% depending on the neighborhood. These foreigners buy goods with a value of 1 to US $ 6 million: the comfortable-to-earth walk in the neighborhood of Chistye Prudy to the luxury apartment of 300 sqm in the neighborhood of Ostozhenka, for example. Furthermore, expatriate tenants profit from falling market to become quality goods owners who negotiate in the best districts of Moscow, between 7000 and 15,000 euros per square meter.

Founded in 1999 and led by Ekaterina Roumyantseva since the company Kalinka Group is a leading real estate luxury in Russia. His team, with 4 offices in Moscow, consists of about 150 employees and a network of correspondents in the major countries of East and Central Asia.

BARNES, a leading international real estate residential high-end, has a fifty offices around the world, mainly in Europe, the USA, Israel, Morocco, the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean.

The solemn signing of the agreement establishing the joint venture was held March 15, 2016 in Cannes, in the MIPIM trade fair. In the coming months, the two partners will organize many events to promote, in Moscow, the main destinations where BARNES is implanted and, internationally, the real estate market in Moscow upscale.

BARNES is now the leading international company for residential real estate top range of fully integrated with different business: the sale of apartments, houses and mansions, buildings, properties and castles of exceptional properties and the renting of quality goods and exceptional, rental management and numerous additional services.

Founded by Heidi Barnes and chaired by Thibault de Saint Vincent, BARNES is present in six international cities of reference Paris, Brussels, Geneva, London, New York and Miami, as well as the main places of international resorts (Deauville, Biarritz, Cannes, Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux, Ile de Ré, Bassin d'Arcachon, the Périgord, Lyon, Corsica, Courchevel, Megeve, Monaco, Brussels, Lisbon, Mauritius, St Barth, Los Angeles ...).

In 2015, Barnes realized a sales volume of almost 2.2 billion euros. Pursuing its strategy of national and international development, BARNES deploys its offices in Marrakesh, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Asia, the Middle East.


Founded in 1999, KALINKA GROUP offers a wide range of consulting services and specializes in the management of luxury real estate projects. In Moscow, its share of the consulting market is 85% and it occupies 25% of the top residential real estate market of range of the Russian capital. Among the customers of Kalinka Group - over 1000 most influential people of Russia.

The company has developed more than 75 project concepts and has implemented more than 160 real estate projects of luxury, which earned him first place in the prestigious international ranking Property Awards 2013 and 2014. Kalinka Group is also a partner exclusive of Yoo, the world leader in the design area from the inside.

Among the most daring achievements of Kalinka Group in Moscow include private luxury residences: Golden Mile private residences, Turandot Residences, Karetny Plaza, Knightsbridge Private Park, 'Garden Quarters', 'Rublevo Park' etc.

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Barnes launches its web-magazine, SoBarnes!

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Thibault de Saint-Vincent at the 15th Economic Matinale

Thibault de Saint Vincent, President of BARNES will be the guest of the 15th Economic Matinale themed on Heritage & Culture. World leader of luxury real estate, BARNES stands internationally through highlighting the most beautiful cities and regions of France. During his speech, Mr. de Saint-Vincent.........

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Updates on the luxury real estate market in Paris

In Paris, luxury real estate has never been worn as well. With the decline of the Euro, historically low interest rates and reasonable prices compared to other major European cities, the Paris real estate returns to form. Paris is now the 7th most attractive city in the world for the ultra-rich, ie, those.........

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BARNES Marrakech gets a website

BARNES is pleased to present its new website, created for BARNES Marrakech. Continuing its international expansion, BARNES chose to partner with a local partner with recognized expertise: the agency 'Immobilier International.........

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Auction of the house Le Moult, designed by Starck

You are acquiring and looking for an exceptional home in the Hauts-de-Seine? BARNES offers a historic home designed by Philippe STARCK, with an exceptional environment at the heart of the Ile St Germain. Playing with symmetrical staircases, columns and volumes, double height, the house opens.........

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Carlos Cruz-Diez exhibition

Sharing with its international clients its appeal to the excellence and uniqueness, BARNES, luxury real estate leader, offers art exhibitions in its offices. Today, one of the most important figures of kinetic art, the Franco-Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, is hosted by Barnes in its agency rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré (Paris 8th).........

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Exhibition 'La vie en Pose' of Max Wiedemann

In his office, 13 rue Bonaparte, Paris 6th,   BARNES exposes 'la vie en pose', the works of Max Wiedemann   Exhibition from January 28 to May 31, 2016......

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The year 2016 looks promising for luxury real estate

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The luxury real estate is back, where to invest in 2016?

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Luxury real estate: the super-rich return to Paris

Foreign wealthy clientele has made a comeback on the Paris market in 2015, Barnes reveals the network in its annual balance sheet. Falling prices and the foreign exchange effect largely explain this improvement.......

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Luxury real estate: Paris always attracted

Paris will always remain a preferred destination for the world's wealthiest. The capital is set out in 7th place of the most popular cities in this demanding clientele.......

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The French luxury house, the 'Livret A' for the Gulf billionaires


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The improvement is confirmed in the luxury real estate market in Paris


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The BARNES Cannes, Deauville and Courchevel websites are renewed

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A website for BARNES Ile de Ré

  BARNES is pleased to announce the release of the site dedicated to his entity of the ......

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Thibault de Saint Vincent or the art to celebrate the luxury

BARNES, through its excellence and its demands, is the reference in high end real estate for an international clientele. Meeting with Thibault de Saint Vincent, Founder and Chairman of Barnes, leading player of international prestige real estate. ......

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