An expertise dedicated
to managing your artistic heritage

BARNES, the leader in luxury real estate, is also becoming a distinguished actor in a new sector by creating an art advisory department known as BARNES GLOBAL ART ADVISORY.

Because the worlds of luxury real estate and art are now inextricably linked, both in terms of 'living the good life' as well as wealth management, BARNES offers its expertise to its international clientele. As a safe investment and a key part of the new strategies used by high net worth investors, the art market is a strong, vibrant, quickly expanding market that benefits from a constant influx of creative works and new styles of expression.

The genesis

Heidi Barnes



Where the Spirit of art bloweth

In the mid-2000s, Heidi Barnes somewhat steps back to better dedicate to her children and being a fine connoisseur of art, she decides to use a huge and exceptional underground strong room and its Harlequin-style painted stairway in the Mansion of Neuilly, currently BARNES’s main office, to open ephemeral exhibitions of contemporary art.
In 2008, BARNES acquires a new office and art gallery on the left bank of Paris. There the greatest artists rub their shoulders with more and more numerous guests during heavily frequented exhibitions. Beyond the “buzz” itself, Heidi Barnes has really made a new artistic spirit blow.

The Group’s Founder and Ambassador

Settled back in Miami since 2012, Heidi Barnes now dedicates her time to more exclusive missions. As Founder and Ambassador of BARNES, she upholds the Company’s image and is the preferred interlocutor of the most prestigious customers. She supervises all the Group’s magazines and has created a department specially dedicated to art, BARNES Art Global Advisory.

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