Dominique Ruchaud

Dominique RUCHAUD


A graduate of l’école hôtelière de Paris in the 1980s, Dominique gradually established his reputation in Paris hotel business by creating and managing 'Les Hôtels Parisiens' Group for more than 15 years. In this framework, he operated 7 hotels in Paris and took an active part in their acquisition, renovation and resale.

Building on this experience, Dominique diversified his activity by creating in the 1990s a consulting firm specialized in the hotel business in France and abroad.

It is in 2002 that Dominique acquires a four-star hotel near the Champs-Elysées, which he still operates with the same passion – he was just granted the fifth star and managed to make this establishment a key landmark of Parisian charming hotels.

Today Dominique is wholly dedicated to his activity at BARNES HOTEL BANKERS, with great enthousiasm.

BARNES HOTEL BANKERS purpose is to assist its customers, sellers as well as investors, all through their projects, providing them with the knowledge needed to maximize the value of their assets, always with the strictest confidentiality.