Forest properties

Be it small or big game, the French territory is world famous for its excellent hunts. A true passion rooted in the heart of national traditions and history, France has the highest number of hunters, licence holders of Europe, who will discover there numerous suitable areas and well-known, protected regions welcoming the lovers of hunting and nature. Naturally, the Sologne comes first to the mind, renowned for its many hunting parties, its abundant game, its hectares of protected forests, its fish ponds, its old traditional farmhouses and its local Sologne cottages. But the Camargue, Alsace and Lorraine are also very well known for the quality of their natural parks and of their thriving wildlife.

BARNES, through BARNES Propriétés & Châteaux, has ready for you a team of experts, fine connoisseurs and nature lovers, to guide you all along the purchasing or selling process of a hunting lodge.