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The prestigious real estate agent BARNES offers a high-quality valuation service.

Our real estate consultants benefit from skills and experience gained on the prestigious and luxury real estate market and put these to good use when valuing your property.

Knowledge of real estate market prices

BARNES real estate consultants are competent real estate professionals, recognized around the world in the upscale real estate business and regularly benefitting from specialized training in the profession.

They are efficient and discreet, and use their experience in real estate to your advantage, with the aim of providing you with a real estate valuation that is realistic and appropriate for your property.

A real estate valuation which
is carried out on the premises
and in confidence

In order to ensure a high-quality, precise and realistic real estate valuation, as a rule, BARNES real estate consultants visit the premises in order to value the characteristics of your luxury property to the best of their ability.

The property’s estimated value and address remain confidential and are only revealed in detail to genuinely interested buyers and upon your consent.

Selling a property

Once the BARNES real estate consultant has provided you with the precise value of your property, the prestigious real estate agent BARNES will offer to take complete charge of the sale: administrative management, viewings, negotiations, drafting of documents, and support, right up until the finalization of the sale…

BARNES real estate agents give you access to an international real estate network and thus facilitate the sale of your upscale property.


From anywhere in the world – and particularly in France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the United States, where BARNES has several offices and agencies – our clients have immediate access to all of the prestigious properties for sale, situated in the most beautiful regions and the biggest capital and major cities in the world.
Communication is a real secret to success when it comes to the sale of your properties and so BARNES assures perfect command of international, national and regional media and supports in the countries in which the company is present.

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