Thibault de Saint Vincent or the art to celebrate the luxury

BARNES, through its excellence and its demands, is the reference in high end real estate for an international clientele. Meeting with Thibault de Saint Vincent, Founder and Chairman of Barnes, leading player of international prestige real estate.

To dream of grandeur and custom-made: a wish that is more than fulfilled by BARNES which accompanies, in the long term, its international clients to allow them to fulfil their dreams in matter of prestige real estate. The luxury, as perceived by the Chairman of BARNES, Thibault de Saint Vincent, consists in 'accomplishing one's dreams'. BARNES is the best associate to develop annex projects notably related to artistic world. BARNES thus organizes numerous exhibitions and imposes itself as a unique company growing in the universe of luxury for the international clients who wish to realize their real estate projects in Europe and in the United States.

« Entrepreneur, the adventurer of the modern times »

Thibault de Saint Vincent, who has always been an entrepreneur, turned towards entrepreneurship at a very young age. This universe inspires him way more than that of being an employee. He thus evokes his internship at the end of studies at La Banque de France, he then realized that he is not made to be an employee. Since the professional time represents one, or even two thirds of the daily life, 'it must be exciting'. The entrepreneur for him is 'the adventurer of the modern times'.

To create an enterprise requires to adopt an ex-nihilo approach 'starting from nothing'. It is to succeed to realize the projects, create new organizations by putting 'the passion and enthusiasm' in the heart of the approach insists Thibault de Saint Vincent. Success is not individual, for the chairman of BARNES, it is in cohesion with the others, the necessity to be well surrounded is present. Success is associated with 'faith in the project' of those who carry it.

While he was a student, he created an association bringing together the students who work as dispatch riders, maîtres d'hôtel, chauffeurs… Very soon nearly 300 students are its members. The structure grows. It becomes a limited liability company. During his journey, Thibault de Saint Vincent was able to seize opportunities.

« Real estate, a profession of encounters »


He first started a company in renovation. Then, he invested in real estate, 'a profession of encounters', he insists. The relations developed with the clients are close. A house, a flat, 'these are a part of life' he explains. When we change a house, it is a big decision. After several years in the first company that he created, he sold it.


Heading West. Direction towards the other side of the Atlantic still with real estate: at Key Biscayne, an island opposite Miami. He praises this 'grand energy' that suits the United States so well: the climate, the quality of life, a possibility to flourish professionally like nowhere else, to realize exciting projects. 'They encourage the entrepreneurs there'.

To settle is to 'flourish by realizing the projects'. And he does have the projects. He developed from 2004 the company incorporated in London and in Paris by his spouse Heidi Barnes in 1995 and specialized at that time in renting of furnished apartments for an expat clientele. It was successful. The international dimension of the clientele and accompaniment thereof will be at the heart of BARNE's DNA.


The Gated Communities modelled on Anahita in Mauritius are a big success. This clientele has integrated international mobility. It has properties in Paris, London, New-York, Miami and Geneva… For the holiday locations, we will retain the inimitable Aspen, Megève, Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Monaco, Miami… As many strong places and sure values. The cities where resurgence springs and where it is good to invest? Right way, Thibault de Saint Vincent evokes with enthusiasm: Lisbon and its old neighborhood.


With a certain thirty to move forward and to create projects, Thibault de Saint Vincent goes far, very far with a permanent connection with these clients and upholding the values of luxury. Without any barriers, without any breaks. And always with elegance. He likes to cite: 'Sky is the limit'.

Mathilde Aubinaud