Exhibition 'La vie en Pose' of Max Wiedemann

In his office, 13 rue Bonaparte, Paris 6th,


BARNES exposes 'la vie en pose',
the works of Max Wiedemann


Exhibition from January 28 to May 31, 2016

The attraction for the beautiful binds BARNES, real estate leader in prestige, to its international clientele. Exhibitions, that BARNES offers in its offices, confirm each time, this passion of Art. Today, BARNES welcome in his office an artist, apart from all conventions, in its office, Rue Bonaparte (Paris 6th) from the January 28, 2016, until May 31, 2016, Max Wiedemann, through its exhibition 'la vie en pose'.


An offbeat artist

Of German origin, Max Wiedemann is a contemporary artist who has set a mission to make fun of the current materialistic world. Artist of street art in his youth, the street appeared to him as soon insufficient to express themselves.


Self-made man, he was noticed by the CEO of a company where he was learning. His paintings subjugate his new patron who commissioned the construction of an entire wall of his business. With this support, Max Wiedemann opened his first workshop. Shortly after, it's Lufthansa, the German airline, who commissioned a work. His career was launched.


His meeting with Karl Lagerfeld will be decisive for the future. He will buy him one of his paintings, and propelling it into the spotlight. Numerous personalities from show business and fashion become collectors of his works. Companies such as BMW or Coca Cola, are also interested in his work.


The incisive decryption of the present time

The work of Max Wiedemann wants to be the mirror of taboos and hidden thoughts. He gave urban art a totally new definition. Against the tide of habitual thought, he chose the path of passion, of the unknown, rather than security and compliance.

He constantly uses new tools to express himselve like neon, sculpture, spray paint, photography or video.

His sharp wit and incisive humor show the spirit of the time around us. Pointing the vanities of the rich and famous, he plays with a world in which he's evolving.


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At BARNES Rive Gauche

13 rue Bonaparte  – 75006 Paris

Exhibition from January 28 to May 31, 2016

Monday to Friday from 9h to 19h