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The French luxury house, the 'Livret A' for the Gulf billionaires

The proportion of buyers from the Middle East has increased significantly in recent months. According Realty network Barnes prestige, multimillionaires Qatari, Saudi or Emirati rounded up all French goods sold more than 40 million euros.

(LaVieImmo.com) - Paris back a little in the esteem of the rich property investors. The French capital rises from 10th to 7th place in the ranking of the most popular cities of the great fortunes of the world, according to a study on the Barnes luxury real estate. Little surprise instead on the leaders, London and New York occupying the first two steps of the podium despite their price per square meter higher overall warming.

Main finding of Barnes, the proportion of buyers from the Middle East has increased significantly in recent months. This is particularly the case in France and even more so in Paris where the branch network has been a 'wave' of customer for 6 months came from Dubai, Qatar or Saudi Arabia ... Customers who buy big and expensive. Hence the spectacular growth of the market for goods to over 4 million euros.

Customers in the Middle East crave goods to over 40 million euros

Barnes, the number of sales of such goods has tripled. It is not the only one to to feel such enthusiasm. Because today all luxury real estate specialists are unanimous: there is a real rush of customers from the Gulf countries. They are the ones that make most of the market and still one of the ultra-luxury, say industry professionals.

Indeed, the Middle East buyers represent 100% of the customer for the goods to more than 40 million euros. How to explain this wave of customers? In fact, luxury real estate is THE new safe haven for the wealthy clientele. In a context of continued decline in oil prices, the rich families from the Gulf are investing heavily in the high-end in France.

And to shelter their bonanza, France and especially in Paris, that's how an industry expert sums up the situation: 'Today Parisian luxury property, it's a little Livret A billionaire the Middle East, but little performance ultra secure investment '.

This rush of shoppers began with the Arab Spring but has rebounded with falling prices of the black gold. One of them even has signed the most expensive transaction in history, the famous castle style Louis 14 in Yvelines, sold in December by the specialist Daniel Féau 275 million.

© La Vie Immo.com - published on Barnes on 23/01/2016

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