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The improvement is confirmed in the luxury real estate market in Paris

Luxury Paris real estate professionals have smiling again. This market grew by 15% in volume in 2015, according to Barnes International. The group grew faster, since sold, in 2015, 738 in Capital goods (+ 38%), with a price increase of 3.2% on average. 'The Paris market benefits from the return of foreign buyers,' said Thibault de Saint Vincent, president of the group.

The 20% decline in two years of the euro against the dollar whets the appetite of the Americans, who had almost disappeared after the election of Francois Hollande. For the British, Paris has almost become a capital 'cheap': the average purchase price stood at 8040 euros per square meter in October in Paris, while it exceeded 22 thousand euros in the heart of London.

Buyers from the Middle East are also very present. 'For six months, sales are increasing in the neighborhood of the Avenue Foch among a new generation of buyers aged 25 to 35 years from Dubai, Doha, Qatar and Saudi Arabia' Mr. lists of Saint-Vincent. The interest of Chinese buyers is focused, he, on houses with garden in Neuilly-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine).

The stock of goods for sale fell by 35%

Main downside, the segment assets worth between 2 and 4 million euros remains difficult, especially for large bourgeois apartment of the 16th district, not interested foreign customers. However, the demand for housing over 4 million euro is rising sharply. On this market, more than half of the buyers are foreigners or French do not live in France.

For experts Barnes, the Paris market should remain buoyant in 2016. 'Between 2012 and 2015, prices have jumped 30% to 40% in New York, Miami and London, while they have stagnated in Paris, said M . Saint Vincent. For an international investor, Paris is clearly the city where you have to buy right now. '

A vision shared by Charles-Marie Jottras, group president Daniel Féau, another major player in the luxury Paris region market: 'Since the second half of 2015, the atmosphere has changed. The market regained fluidity as buyers have realized that the fall in prices was over and that interest rates could only go up. '

After two years 'poor', Féau sales jumped 36% in 2015. Another sign of recovery, the stock of goods for sale fell by 35% during the second half. This shows that the November attacks have had little impact on sales.

Féau also confirms the return of foreign buyers, which represents one third of its sales. 'For goods of more than 10 million euros, 75% of buyers are not resident in France. But it sometimes comes to French expatriates, 'says Jottras.

Chez Emile Garcin, another significant player in this market, the bell sound is similar. 'After a 20% increase in sales volumes in 2015, we expect a similar increase in 2016, said Nathalie Garcin, executive director of the group. But prices should not go up because the proximity of the next presidential election will create a climate of uncertainty. '

© Le Monde - published on Barnes on 23/01/2016

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