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The luxury real estate is back, where to invest in 2016?

The year 2015 has signed the resumption luxury real estate market, according to Barnes branch network. The return to the reality of prices has triggered the French and foreign buyers, income massively on this premium segment. Now that the resurgence is confirmed, what are the areas on which to bet in 2016? Response elements.

It's confirmed. The real estate market luxury is indeed left on top speed, according to the network of real estate agents Barnes luxury that revealed its figures of 2015 January 21, 2016.

The volume of transactions in 2015 is looking good for an amount between 730 and 750 billion euros, after two gloomy years in 2013 and 2014. A view shared by one of the competitors Barnes in real estate Sotheby's prestige in the person of its Director General Alexander Kraft -Monaco France: 'In particular since September 2015, we noted a return to normality in the high-end market. Our sales volume for Q4 2015 is over 165 million euros, or more than 157% the same quarter 2014. '

All professionals in this segment observed a return of French expatriates investors (or not), non-residents and foreigners. The upscale French as international markets have benefited. Foreigners, especially the Anglo-Saxon, the fortunes of the countries of the East, the Middle East and China rely again on France. For their part, the French non-residents also turned their investments to their countries of origin, but not only. 'The French investors are becoming more mobile, shade president Barnes, Thibault de Saint Vincent. They globalize their sites and buying form where heritage opportunities with high return potential and resale of surplus value. '

A reality check on prices

Unsurprisingly, London and New York are the two most preferred cities by the purchasers. 'These are safe bets for excellence internationally,' says the president of Barnes. Following Asian cities (Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai) and Miami and Paris. 'Miami and Paris earn tickets to the Geneva expense coming out of the top 10, partly because of the disappearance of bank secrecy,' Thibault analysis of St. Vincent. The reason for this renewed interest in two words: prices. This is also the main driver of restarting the luxury real estate activity.

'Sellers realized after 7, 8 years they required too high prices. In Saint Tropez, villa was recently sold to three million euros, while its price originally amounted to 20 million euros. The market was blocked, 'says Richard Tzipine, CEO of Barnes. 'Prices will also streamline in luxury,' says the president of the network. This sobering prices has helped revive the prestige activity. 'Transactions are only subject to the condition that the prices are realistic with a great choice for buyers and sellers increasingly flexible in their negotiations,' adds his side the CEO of Sotheby's.

The seats of choice in 2016

This factor has played in Paris and particularly in the countries of southern Europe (Portugal, Spain, Italy), marked by the financial crisis, and therefore the corrected price. 'We observed the importance of arbitration in our customers buy the right time and the right place. The business sense is never far away, real estate is considered an investment. And I tell you, in 2016, you have to buy in Paris ', asserts Thibault de Saint Vincent. The president of Barnes bodes strong gains in recent years. Indeed, prices in the French capital have evolved only 1% between 2012 and 2015, while they were up 30% in New York, Miami 40% and 42% in London. Transactions recorded in Paris in 2015 grew by 15% (38% on the only network Barnes), while at the same time they fell 10% in London. Moreover, in the eyes of foreign buyers, the rise of the dollar against the decline of the euro has played for Paris. Barnes and officers have faced 'a surging past six months a client of the Arabian Peninsula and China' came in search of a foothold in the city of light.

Another country where betting in 2016: Portugal and particularly its capital, Lisbon. 'The price per square meter is two to three times cheaper than in London or New York. Property with sea views sell of 1500-2500 euros per m². Once renovated, the added value to be drawn is very interesting, the m² euro reaching 5000-6000, 'the president of Barnes. For fans of the resort, Barnes will also vouch for Mauritius, Saint Barth and Los Angeles and Miami. For those who prefer France and its soil, Biarritz, Lyon and Megève.

Caution, this does not yet mean that New York and London are especially to abandon in 2016. They will surely be a little less coveted their prices remained high, but they are safe bets. And thus occupy choice places in real dreams of wealthy buyers.

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