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Lake Annecy sparks buyers' interest

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A breathtaking view and soaring prices in Annecy

The beauty of the landscape and the quality of life in this “Venice of the Alps” are generating high demand. And prices are rising quickly, especially on the waterfront.

The majestic site of Annecy, between the lake and the mountains, enchants. The employment basin associated with the industrial fabric of the Arve Valley, tourism and the proximity to Switzerland, provides a strong draw. The town itself, known as the “Venice of the Alps”, is certainly not lacking in charm.  “It’s a recipe that generates high demand with the knock-on effect of pressure on properties of all types”, observes David Prétot, BARNES agency.

On the prestigious Avenue d'Albigny, prices have climbed to over €7,000/m², particularly for floors above the level of the tree tops. Nor is the historic centre lagging behind, with values over €6,000/m².

The suburbs provide an attractive alternative to the town’s dense urbanisation. The communes to the north have access to a dual carriageway connected to Grenoble, and are thus more costly than those to the south and west, with starting prices at €3,200 €/m², compared to €2,500 €/m². All of them, however, offer numerous new developments.

BARNES International - Propriétés de prestige à la vente à Annecy

Albigny, Galeries Lafayette: the price to pay for a view

At the foot of the lake and close to the centre, this neighbourhood is coveted by wealthy individuals in their forties and fifties for its quality of life. Some new developments, by the developer MGM Constructeur, are sold for the considerable sum of between €7,000 and €8,000/m². But whether its old or new builds, prices are soaring for the top two floors, with unobstructed views over the lake.

Historic centre: points for charm

Paved pedestrian streets, flower-lined quays along the Thiou  river, apartments with exposed beams and high ceilings, and, sometimes, a view of the lake. Those fond of period charm will be in seventh heaven, provided they are willing to part with between €6,000 and €7,000/m² for a property in good condition, and not require parking.

Annecy-le-Vieux: the return of new builds

A fully-fledged commune bordering Annecy, Annecy-le-Vieux is the most popular area thanks to its proximity to the centre and the lake. New builds are flourishing here, constructed by Priams, MGM Constructeur and Bouygues Immobilier, but old builds remain in the majority. “Two sectors currently appeal, Chef-Lieu, on the hilltops, with a fantastic view and a village life based around the church, and Petit-Port, on the lakeshore”, says David Prétot, Barnes agency. The price range is around €5,000 and €6,000/m². If you’re on the hunt for a house, then look no further than L'allée Lamartine. But the price of land is pushing up the bill; 150m² of living space on 1,500m² of land goes for at least €900,000.

Lakeside: houses at top dollar

The lake, surrounded by mountains, is certainly a picturesque setting. And so are the houses on its shores, from small holiday homes to contemporary homes. The sunny east bank is where you’ll find the highest prices. In Veyrier-du-Lac, and Menthon-Saint-BernardTalloire-Montmin, waterfront houses go for between €3 and €5 million and between €1.5 to €2 million for a simple lake view. The less sunny and more noisy west bank, with its dense circulation, is less costly, but prices remain high, in the range of €1 to €2 million depending on the location.

© L'Obs - published on Barnes International Realty on 21/10/2019

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