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Exhibition of artworks by Alex Mitrecey at BARNES Saint-Honoré.



BARNES Saint-Honoré is pleased to welcome the artist Alex Mitrecey, the result of a partnership with the Parisian art gallery ELHABIBI.

A new era in luxury residential real estate and contemporary art.

Since May 9th, BARNES Saint-Honoré has been showcasing a selection of artworks by the artist Alex Mitrecey within its premises.

In collaboration with the ELHABIBI gallery, BARNES confirms its unique positioning in the art of living and opens new artistic horizons by showcasing emerging artists.

For over 15 years and following initial exhibitions in the safe of BARNES Neuilly-sur-Seine, BARNES thus continues the tradition of hosting artists within its offices, in order to assist its clientele in the acquisition of artworks.

A first partnership with the ELHABIBI gallery.

As a result of the passionate commitment of visionary personalities such as Heidi Barnes, founder of BARNES, and Said ELHABIBI, founder of the eponymous art gallery, this partnership has emerged from a shared desire to immerse clients in an exceptional artistic universe and create unique spaces where art blends with high-end real estate. BARNES Saint-Honoré offers its clients a meticulous selection of contemporary works by the French artist, advertiser, painter and musician, Alex Mitrecey, stemming from the Parisian ELHABIBI gallery.

Located in the heart of Marais, this gallery promotes and supports around thirty emerging and established artists, both French and international. Spanning 120 sq m, the artistic space offers a cultural effervescence, thus pushing the boundaries of conventional art.

From painting to sculpture, through music and new technologies, each contemporary artist brings their own unique vision and sensitivity, within an immersive and enriching artistic experience. The DNA of the gallery? To present bewildering and eclectic works, and support artists at all stages of their career by offering them international exposure.

“This partnership represents a significant milestone in our commitment to providing our clients with a unique experience where real estate, art, and aesthetics converge. We are delighted to share our passion for contemporary art with ELHABIBI gallery and to open new horizons in the world of luxury real estate,' explains Thibault de Saint Vincent, BARNES President.

Alex Mitrecey, an artist with a distinct identity in the field of outsider art.

For this first partnership with ELHABIBI Gallery, BARNES has selected the artist Alex Mitrecey (1990). A talented illustrator from a young age, Alex Mitrecey is renowned for his unique style, graphic design, and use of color. His vibrant portraits, with a distinctive touch and particular texture, are captivating. Weathered doors, tables, cupboards, and shelves are his preferred canvases for creating his paintings. His artistic approach views painting as a grand playground, where he pays tribute to his favorite artists such as Basquiat, Dubuffet, and Picasso.

His workshop turns into a playground. The bell rings. Alex whirls at full speed, spitting out his acrylic deliriums at the top of his lungs. Between accidents and deliberate detours, the paint smashes onto the wood and gradually fills the faces sculpted by the black marker.

In his latest exhibition, entitled ICONS (4 April - 11 May 2024, ELHABIBI Gallery), Alex summons an assembly of fictional or real characters who inhabit his imagination. From Kardashian to Caravaggio, in the manner of Jacques Prévert who 'attempts' to describe a dinner of heads, Alex carries out his society reportage.

This ambitious exhibition project is the first of a long series. As a matter of fact, BARNES is combining art with luxury real estate, and aims to exhibit a new artist at BARNES Saint-Honoré every three to four months and share this artistic passion with a clientele sensitive to art.

With a steadfast commitment to supporting unique artistic endeavors, this project also embodies the spirit of innovation and creativity of BARNES. A shared approach with ELHABIBI Gallery.

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