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Biron is a French town situated in the département of the Dordogne, in the Region of Aquitaine, half way from the Périgord and the Agenais. It is the seat of one of the old baronies of the Périgord. Situated in the valley of the Lède at the meeting point of the valleys of the Lot and the Dordogne, it is famous for its castle dating back to the XIIth and XVIIIth centuries, which holds a strategic position at the edge of the Périgord and the Agenais. Its history is linked to the greatness of a family, the Gontaut-Biron, who held the fief for eight hundred years. When it was created in 1790, the city first bore the name of Notre-dame-de-Biron, then during the revolutionary period of the National Convention (1792-1795), was called Mont-Rouge, before becoming Biron. Around the castle, in the Eastern and Southern parts, a few beautiful cut stone, half-timbered houses cling to the hill. In the heart of the valley, a little Roman church near a spring with "healing" virtues. Shops and typically local restaurants.

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120-122 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
75008 PARIS
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