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Domme is a French little town situated in the département of the Dordogne, in the region of Aquitaine. It is the capital of the canton of Domme. It is a member of the Most Beautiful Villages of France association. One of the Illustrious Men of this town is none other than the Marquis de Maleville who took an active part in drawing up our civil code under Napoleon's guidance. South East of the département of Dordogne, in what is called the Périgord noir, the city of Domme follows in its North the river Dordogne and the winding section of it, the 'cingle de Montfort'. The bastide town of Domme, perched on a clifftop 210 metres high up, overlooks the Dordogne from more than 100 metres. The fortifications surrounding her saw their outline adapted to the local requirements. They are crossed by Departmental Road 49 (RD 49) and are situated fifteen miles south of Sarlat and fifteen other miles north-west of Gourdon.

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