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Strength in numbers: BARNES signed an exclusive partnership agreement on the 15th March 2016 with KALINKA, the leader in luxury real estate in Russia.

To meet the needs of its exclusive clientele, BARNES partnered with KALINKA to set up KALINKA-BARNES, its Russian desk based in Moscow. KALINKA-BARNES draws support from the 600 BARNES consultants to present its Moscow-based clients an exclusive selection of luxury properties located in France and more than ten other countries (USA, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Mauritius, Israel, Morocco, Russia...). BARNES has strengthened its presence in Russia in order to support and advise international investors attracted by the opportunities currently available on the luxury market in Moscow.


Our skills :

  • Presentation of regions and their markets

  • Property search support

  • Marketing et promotion

  • Assistance with implementing management plans following the purchasen

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