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Raffaella Vignatelli - The finest choices from Luxury Living

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The world of luxury is changing, and so are its most prestigious houses such as Luxury Living, a leading name in interior design. Raffaella Vignatelli, the Group’s president, sat down with us to unveil her thoughts on the challenges taken on by Luxury Living.

Is there a strong connection between luxury furnishings / decoration and real estate transactions? Does this connection manifest itself the same on every continent?

One of the most exciting challenges our global market offers is to provide the client, who in many cases may be defined as time-poor, turnkey solutions. In this sense, real estate can no longer be considered simply a “property market”. Nowadays, clients are no longer referred to by geographical location: for example there is no Chinese market, there are Chinese clients. So we are now talking about cultures, about populations and about people who travel often and who are becoming increasingly accustomed to buying in countries other than their own. We need to relate with a greater open-mindedness. What the Luxury Living Group provides in different ways on different continents, in order to meet the specificity of individual requirements, is a system of design projects and services that encompass a multitude of professional roles, skills and know-how. In the contemporary world we need to be able to increasingly interpret the present and anticipate the future of the industry, particularly when it comes to sustainability.

Sustainability and environmental impact are very important for the younger generation of luxury customers. How is it possible to reconcile luxury and sustainability?

The business models of companies like Luxury Living Group, which are based on competition and innovation, have always shown an extraordinary ability to adapt to challenge. Environmental impact is no different. On the contrary – having dealt for years with extremely delicate issues such as the future of the younger generations has not only led to reflection but also to a veritable transformation plan. This process is inevitable and is increasingly interconnected with the values of luxury that our clients seek when they choose our collections. This is why the cultural and technological direction Luxury Living Group has undertaken over the past years, moving away from disposable petroleum-based packaging and towards biodegradable and naturally occurring materials, as well as certifying the ethics and sustainability when sourcing all wooden components, will be significantly accelerated in 2019.

As Luxury Living Group is a brand in and of itself, do your customers often switch from one of your carried brands to another are they consistent with one brand for the decoration of their several homes?


Groupe Luxury Living


One of the distinctive features of the Luxury Living Group is precisely its relationship with the customer, whom it accompanies into a world of elegance in which the distinction between the various brands of its collections is indeed important but not absolute. In many cases, in fact, the perimeter is only apparent and our job is to “open up” new perspectives for the customer. Different moods within the same environment are an enrichment and an opportunity that is increasingly valued.

What is the importance of branding in today’s luxury climate? Can we imagine selling high-end furniture without a brand?

The concept of branding has changed significantly over the last few years. People don’t simply need answers to tangible needs, such as a leather sofa or a table made of the best Italian marble. That’s no longer enough. What they are looking for are ideas for the development of a sense of purpose, which in many cases can be sought out in a specific, individual brand. For the company this involves different requirements with respect to the past: our job entails creating purposeful proposals in order to enable identities, narratives and stories to be constructed inside our clients’ homes. In this sense, our brand is a remarkable driver and our strength lies in offering interior design that embodies the same strength, in terms of value and identity, as those in the fashion and automotive industries. Every major brand has its own semantics, which evolve with every collection. The difference of Luxury Living Group lies in its ability to interpret and offer originality in its choices, and therefore in its meanings, that is unrivalled anywhere in the world.


Collection totale - Fendi Casa


Somewhere, the absolute collection from Fendi Casa

The designer brand distributed by the prestigious and inspiring Luxury Living Group is offering its joyful, comprehensive, and iconic 2019 indoor/outdoor collection, “Somewhere”, unveiled at the Milan Design Fair. From fashion to the decorative arts, from the elemental to the finest accessories, Fendi Casa embodies a strict know-how and ease of use, both nature and sophistication. The Somewhere collection by Fendi Casa is modern, ironic, and absolute. Both ultra-coherent and filled with impossibly precise details, it offers a journey through the history of decorative arts, fashion, and the emblematic models from the eponymous couture house. The details speak for themselves. The back of the Théa armchair features a braided motif in a nod to the Peekaboo bag and the line of Brigitte armchairs features a typical 20th-century style with the Fendi monogram showcased in a Péquin motif. The house’s signature blend of fashion and design was also used to honor the late Karl Lagerfeld at the Milan Furniture Fair, with brown and ochre shades in reference to the Astuccio fur he designed in 1971. These tones contrast with the chromatic palette inspired by the greens and grays of South Africa. This echo is complemented with materials such as nubuck leather, tridimensional graphics, and metallic details which can also be observed in the rerelease of the Constellation Effe tables. The exciting Somewhere Collection interplays material and function (the secret compartments in the Duke models are simply superb) in order to offer a comprehensive creative world with contemporary, stylish interiors and exteriors.


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