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Life Annuity with BARNES Viager

Life Annuity with BARNES Viager

A forward-looking asset strategy

BARNES Life annuity helps its clients optimise their asset position, for both vendors looking to improve their personal situation and buyers/investors looking for returns.

Life annuity currently represents 1% of real estate transactions in France. And the market is growing, given that it provides a relevant answer to today’s socio-economic problems.

Selling a property on life annuity offers a number of advantages: transformation of “brick and mortar” into liquid and disposable capital, a favourable tax regime, and the possibility to help family through capital transfer.

For buyers, investing in a life annuity of bare ownership means taking a more long-term approach to real estate investment. It meets the needs of investors with substantial incomes but more limited assets. Acquiring a property at a lower value, because it is occupied by the vendor, represents an interesting investment opportunity.

BARNES Life Annuity operates in the high-end market for a French and international clientèle (foreign residents, entrepreneurs, businesses).

Our tailored approach is adapted to your situation with a range of possible options, including occupied life annuity, unoccupied life annuity, bare ownership (which allows you to rent a property in the event of early release of the premises by the life tenant), or forward sale (which concerns younger vendors by limiting the period of payment of annuity by the payer).

Our services:

  • Legal expertise
  • Honed property expertise
  • Tailored family and asset analysis



81, avenue Kleber

75116 - PARIS

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