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Hunting properties with BARNES Propriétés & Châteaux

Hunting properties with BARNES Propriétés & Châteaux

Venture off the beaten track

France has one of the largest numbers of hunting estates in Europe! Each region has its own characteristics, linked to its history, its climate, its architecture and its topography. Starting with the Sologne, famous worldwide for its estates spanning several hundred hectares just 2 hours from Paris. The old financial and industrial dynasties have been established here since the 19th century, recently joined by the major digital players.

From Brittany to Provence, the Hauts-de-France to Limousin and Aquitaine, BARNES Propriétés & Châteaux has a portfolio of hunting estates that form a world of their own, bringing together those connected by their love of nature. A conviviality that does not exclude professional ambitions, given that these properties composed of buildings and land offer multiple sources of potential revenue.

The world of hunting thus sums up our traditions: respect for heritage, gastronomy, elegance and good company. An often discreet sphere, devoted to a passion.




108 boulevard de Courcelles

75017 - Paris

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