BARNES International Realty
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New design for the BARNES website



We are proud to present our new flagship website!

Our acceleration in France and internationally, as well as the diversification of our business lines and expertise, have been our compasses in the redesign of the website.

A major player in luxury real estate and an ambassador of French art de vivre, BARNES is unveiling an effective and elegant showcase for its clients and their passions.

A new, more stylish colour code, an enhanced and enriched information architecture, and added search and browsing functions - the entire user interface has been revamped and optimised. To what end? Constantly improving your experience when it comes to this key point of contact.

Real estate, art de vivre, services, news... everything is easily accessible, whether you’re looking to find out more about our brand, our activity or the many services we offer.

Given the increasing number of visitors every year, client experience is one of the top priorities for our new website. We value your loyalty, and your satisfaction is what drives our 800 consultants at our 90 offices worldwide when it comes to making your projects a success. THANK YOU! Here’s to a wonderful 2020.

Discover the website: