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At more than 30 million euros, BARNES Léman achieves a record sale on the French shore of Lake Léman

Real Estate & Art de Vivre


BARNES Léman has just completed the sale of a property for more than 30 million euros. An exceptional file, carried out in collaboration with the Parisian law firm COHEN AMIR-ASLANI.

« This sale concerns an absolutely extraordinary property, dating from the beginning of the 20th century. It has been completely restored and refurbished. With a living area of more than 1,200 sqm, this private residence nestled in a park of several hectares has 200 meters of lake frontage with a private port », says Gérald Châtel, Associate Director of BARNES Lyon-Léman. Belonging to a French industrialist, the property was presented in 2021 by Thibault Favre, luxury real estate consultant at BARNES Léman, to foreign clients who immediately expressed their interest in this property. A constructive negotiation then began with Ségolène Dugué, Managing Director of the law firm Cohen Amir-Aslani, in Paris 8th, who confirmed that her clients had indeed fallen in love with this property. « We quickly agreed on a price in principle, over 30 million euros, explains Ségolène Dugué. The difficulty was to define what exactly this price encompassed, while assuring us of the market value of the property via an expertise. What could have been a difficult negotiation turned out to be a perfectly constructive relationship, thanks in particular to the listening we received from Thibault Favre of BARNES Léman ».

An exceptional domain passed on in just a few months

Buyers and sellers being driven by the same desire to reach a balanced agreement, the sale was signed in just six weeks. A record time for a record sale ! This transaction led by the BARNES Léman office is indeed the largest in the region ever concluded between individuals and relating to a private residence. The final signature took place at the beginning of the year, a well-controlled deadline, underline the two parties. BARNES Lyon-Léman and the Cohen Amir-Aslani law firm have indeed coordinated their efforts to bring this sale to a successful conclusion without creating any sticking points, each protecting the best interests of their client. Gérald Châtel points out that « the complexity of such a transaction related in particular to the fact that the buyer wanted to take over all the decorative elements and furniture ».

A price threshold that symbolizes the safe haven role of luxury real estate

The emotional aspect held a considerable place in this sale, between a seller who designed a property from A to Z with an unprecedented level of attention to detail and buyers who fell in love with the site and its environment. « This is the first time that my client has bought a turnkey property without wanting to change anything, continues Ségolène Dugué. Its level of requirement is however very high. Without the open-mindedness and professionalism of Thibault Favre, the case would have been much more complicated to carry out ». The latter adds: « that it is a question here of a constructive collaboration based on the availability and professionalism shown by Ségolène Dugué ».

« With the support of BARNES Léman, the Evian region confirms that it is an exclusive destination for international customers. » concludes Gérald Châtel. Sales of more than 20 million euros are quite frequent, especially for exceptional chalets in the Alps or apartments and mansions located in the largest international capitals. But this is the first time that the 30 million euro mark has been crossed in the region. A symbolic threshold that confirms to what extent luxury real estate has become the benchmark investment for wealthy investors.