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When luxury reinvents itself

Paris, June 27th 2024 - The Swiss trade fair RELUXURY is joining forces with BARNES to hold the first PRE-LOVED LUXURY SHOW in Paris, a unique event dedicated to second life and circularity in luxury products and prestige goods.

This new show will take place from the 15th to the 17th of November at the Carrousel du Louvre, Paris.

ReLuxury and BARNES, two major players in the luxury sector, are joining forces to present a new trade show that promotes more responsible and sustainable luxury by focusing on circularity: Resell, Repair, Renovate, Rehabilitate, Reuse, Recycle and Reinvent.

RELuxury & REalty : What does a castle, a villa, a haussmannian flat, a fine watch, a piece of jewelry, a classic car, an antique piece of furniture, a masterpiece... have in common?

They are all luxury objects or goods, timeless and eternal.

Whether it's an investment or an inheritance, these assets tell stories and bear witness to an era that we want to preserve, protect and pass on. Luxury is sustainable by its very nature and must last in time. That's why we desire it, because it is the opposite of the ephemeral, the consumable and the disposable.

As Jean Louis Dumas of Hermès said, 'Luxury is what can be repaired'.

A luxury product is a privilege that few people can still afford today. It embodies precious know-how and rare creativity that should be celebrated and perpetuated.

For this first event in Paris, in the exceptional setting of the Carrousel du Louvre in the heart of Paris, visitors will discover a new way of living and consuming luxury: collector's watches, antique jewelry, vintage fashion and leather goods, sustainable property and lifestyle in France and abroad, luxury services in over 100 destinations around the world, as well as restoration and repair artisans, start-ups in the circular economy and conferences and workshops offered by the players and experts in this new economy for the public.

Fabienne Lupo, Founder of ReLuxury, says:

'Today, circularity is no longer an option. We have to change the way we consume. Luxury has a duty to set an example in this area, because it possesses the intrinsic values that enable us to reinvent the product life cycle, namely quality, reparability, durability and transmission'.

Thibault de Saint Vincent, Chairman of BARNES, adds:

'By launching the Pre-Loved Luxury Show, we reaffirm our commitment to enhancing the art of living by passing on the excellence of real estate heritage and expertise in luxury services, thus creating unparalleled experiences for future generations'.

Three reasons to come and explore a world where luxury takes on new meaning:

1. Circular and responsible consumption:

Resell, Repair, Renovate, Rehabilitate, Reuse, Recycle and Reinvent.

It's an opportunity to meet some sixty French and international exhibitors, including prestigious houses and brands who will be offering rare, iconic and certified pieces in watchmaking, jewelry, fashion... and within the BARNES universe, to discover goods and services in more than 100 destinations around the world.

Visitors and collectors will be able to find and acquire unique, rare and collectible pieces, all authenticated and certified by the Houses, digital platforms, retailers and auction houses present at the event.

Visitors will also be able to bring their own items, have them appraised on the spot by the experts present there, and why not decide to resell them to the same players, who are looking for pieces to buy in order to resell them, thus creating a circularity. They will also be able to get advice on selling, buying and renting property in several capital cities and holiday resorts.

2. Learn from conferences and workshops: Rethink.

Over 3 days, open to all visitors, the event will offer a rich program of more than 20 conferences, panels and workshops led by experts in luxury, circular economy, real estate and art of living. With over fifty renowned speakers, this event will be an inexhaustible source of knowledge, inspiration and experience.

3. Contribute to reinvent the luxury of tomorrow

The event will host start-ups and innovative initiatives in the luxury sector: new and more sustainable luxury brands, offering a circular approach of manufacturing their products (materials, recycling, upcycling, traceability, authenticity, etc.) or of consuming: rental, leasing, repair, etc.

The event will also celebrate the repair, restoration, upcycling and transformation by craftspeople who can give new life to your objects and possessions, and who will be on hand to reveal their exceptional talents and know-how.


Open to the public and professionals. Opening of the ticket office in September

Opening times:
November, Friday 15th: 2pm - 8pm
November, Saturday 16th: 10am - 8pm
November, Sunday 17th: 10am - 5pm
CARROUSEL DU LOUVRE - 99, rue de Rivoli. 75001 PARIS

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