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Luxury villa on the Cap d’Antibes

Selection of properties

Seeking a Luxury Villa in Cap d’Antibes? BARNES is the Riviera’s Leading Realtor

For high net-worth investors, acquiring real estate on the French Riviera can be the crown jewel in a portfolio. Prized for its sandy beaches and natural beauty, Antibes harbors some of the region’s most distinguished properties. The property specialists at BARNES Realty are entirely at your disposition if you have this elegant city in your sights. Our current listings include a 5-bedroom luxury villa on the Cap d’Antibes. Boasting remarkable sea views, the sleekly contemporary villa includes a heated saltwater pool, lavish master bedroom with Jacuzzi and wine cellar. We also offer panoramic-view apartments in Cannes. Contact us now to locate a superb luxury villa on the Cap d’Antibes.

If you’re seeking a sea-view villa on the Cap d’Antibes, whether as an investment property, primary or secondary residence, consult our listings at BARNES to find the property that corresponds perfectly to your investment goals. The agency’s extensive portfolio of high-end Riviera properties and its commitment to exceptional service make it first in class. With additional offices in Paris, the Alps, Bordeaux and Basque country, BARNES is one of France’s leading luxury realtors. Whether your goal is to acquire a sea-view villa on the Cap d’Antibes or a luxury chalet for sale in the Alps, our experienced property specialists offer clients bespoke, highly personalized property search and management services.

Are you considering whether to add a penthouse on the Cap d’Antibes to your investment portfolio? If so, make sure to consult the current listings at BARNES, which comprise only genuinely exceptional properties in and around the coveted Riviera city. Our properties are among the region’s most sought after. To find a penthouse on the Cap d’Antibes or properties elsewhere on the Riviera, such as a luxury apartment in Super Cannes, our luxury real estate specialists will work with you each step of the way, guiding you through the process of acquiring a remarkable home or investment property in the Riviera. Contact us to begin making your dream a reality.

Perhaps you’ve decided to purchase a mansion on the Cap d’Antibes. If so, finding the right realtor is essential, ensuring a high return on investment. From Cannes and St Tropez to Antibes, BARNES lists some of the Riviera’s most prized properties. The agency offers far more than property search guidance: from legal and tax advice to renovation and decoration services, the personalized guidance we give our clients is what distinguishes us from the competition. Whether you’re currently on the market for a mansion on the Cap d’Antibes or a luxury ski chalet for sale in the Alps, our agents will make sure your next investment is a sound one.

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