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A BARNES space dedicated to luxury in Montreal



A beautiful coat of snow may be covering the streets of Montreal but with a warm, welcoming voice, Stéphanie Beaudry, Director of Development at BARNES Quebec, talks to us about the inauguration of Espace BARNES in Montreal.

This new space located in the Golden Square Mile, one of the city’s most exclusive areas, is dedicated to luxury real estate and art services and transactions. It will serve as a central hub for all of our experts who advise on the sale and acquisition of high-end real estate. Stéphanie Beaudry says, “Our privilege clientele asks for advice and opportunities to discover new trends in the art world and recognized contemporary artists. We chose to open our space in one of Montreal’s most elegant and lively neighborhoods, where the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, one of Canada’s most visited museums, is located.”

What are the most popular types of real estate in Montreal?

Montreal is known for its diversity. Architecturally speaking, the city offers beautiful traditional houses in very residential neighborhoods and ultra-modern buildings with high-end services (concierge, swimming pool, tennis court, gym, etc.). The atmosphere, too, differs from neighborhood to neighborhood. Our clients like this variety. Some are in search of luxury houses and single-family homes with 2 or more bedrooms and a garden. Others prefer high-end condo-apartments. “The city is vast, our clients like the chic neighborhoods of Westmount, Ville-Marie, and Outremont, as well as the very popular Sud-Ouest.”

Nature reigns supreme in Montreal

Nature holds an important place in the lives of Quebec residents. Montreal is full of beautiful green spaces, which are particularly popular among families, especially those who have left the suburbs for the big city.

Weekends are conducive to getaways, so many of the BARNES clients in Montreal buy a second home: beautiful mountain chalets (only 50 minutes away) or a charming lakehouse. In order to meet this demand, our team of BARNES professionals is comprised of brokers who work exclusively in the Laurentians and Estrie region. Our Espace BARNES is the ideal place to meet with clients. The Director of Development tells us that her vision for the next few years is to develop the entire Quebec territory.

“The majority of buyers and sellers are from Quebec, but thanks to the BARNES international network (90 offices around the world), we also have a foreign clientele that wants to establish ties in Quebec. Many French-speaking buyers are attracted to its good schools and universities, the stable political climate, and naturally beautiful environment,” she adds.

Montreal in a one word

Of course, Stéphanie Beaudry had to play our little game: Describe Montreal in one word. In a playful tone, she immediately said “eclecticism.” An eclecticism that lives in Montreal on a daily basis, through its architecture, culture, languages, lifestyle, and climate diversity. We 100% agree with Stéphanie. In winter and in summer, life in Montreal embraces you warmly.