BARNES takes up residence in Thailand’s Saint-Tropez

Thailand’s second largest island after Phuket, Ko Samui is THE rising star in South-East Asia. Its white sandy beaches bordered by coconut trees, which have long remained hidden from the general public, its tropical vegetation, its waterfalls and its countless Buddhist temples make it a first-class destination for luxury real estate. All assets highlighted by Thomas Cornet, Director of BARNES Thailand, which recently opened its doors at the heart of Fisherman’s Village in Bophut, on the north coast of Ko Samui.

Why did you decide to open BARNES Thailand in Ko Samui?

Thomas Cornet: During my travels in Thailand over the last 10 years, I noticed that the Ko Samui real estate market was thriving but that there was a lack of services from an agency working with the rigour and professionalism that international buyers and investors expect. Notably when it comes to the large French community already established on the island. The opening of the BARNES Thailand agency was an immediate success given that we are already a benchmark player for this clientèle.

What are the island’s assets?

Thailand is generally a stable country, economically speaking as well as socially and politically. Its growth is remarkable and its reputation as a tourist paradise is already well confirmed. In light of this, the island of Ko Samui has maintained a privileged status as it has long remained on the sidelines of mass tourism, thus conserving its authenticity. At the centre of the archipelago of 85 islands, 6 of which are inhabited, it showcases the best of Thailand as a tropical paradise.


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Why choose Fisherman’s Village?

Bo Put, one of the most charming neighbourhoods of Ko Samui, set on 3km of white sandy beaches, is considered Thailand’s Saint-Tropez. At the centre of this stretch of beach is Fisherman’s Village, famous for its traditional wooden houses and its red lanterns. The night market takes place every Friday evening, a ritual for both tourists and residents of Ko Samui alike. It is the soul of the island, where traditions are respected and the international community is embraced. The BARNES Thailand agency in Ko Samui could not have hoped for a better location when it chose Fisherman’s Village.

Can you describe the real estate market in Ko Samui?

It is particularly diversified, from a pied-à-terre for under €100,000 to a dream villa sold for over €10M. The BARNES agency has presented an innovative offer on 17 permanently animated screen thanks to photos and videos taken by professional photographers. Whether it’s for sale or to rent, properties are showcased efficiently and quickly so that potential clients can make the most of their holiday on the island.