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Exhibition The Dynamics of Fluids at George V and Auteuil agencies



IDA agency is pleased to present 'The Dynamics of Fluids,' a collective exhibition designed for BARNES International by the co-founders of IDA agency, Florence Marmiesse and Camilla D'Alfonso, along with artists Lisa Ouakil, Léa Dumayet, Olga Sabko, and Béatrice Bissara.
Discover this exhibition at the BARNES Auteuil office, covering the southern 16th arrondissement, as well as at BARNES George V, encompassing expert departments: BARNES Properties & Castles, BARNES Commercial Realty, and BARNES Exceptional Properties.
Fluids, substances that flow, are the subject of a science: fluid dynamics, which studies their properties such as velocity, pressure, mass density, and temperature, in relation to space and time. Fluids are everywhere, in our bodies, in nature, in the universe. The exhibition 'The Dynamics of Fluids' presents the reflections of four artists on our relationship with matter, nature, and humanity. The artists explore the perception of movement linked to the reflection of light. They use various techniques to create works connected to transformation. Their works bring forth a sensitivity to the human body and its place in the world. Between reality and the dreamlike universe, they invite the viewer to explore their own perceptions and to ponder their place in the universe.

Lisa Ouakil designs her canvases around the analogy between the materiality of painting and human flesh, exploring the relationships between the body and the landscape with a deep attention to color. The canvases evolve from photographs of rocks, minerals, or unique natural spaces. The goal is to inscribe artistic work into a sensation, to capture a moving form.

Olga Sabko's work reflects on the nature of time and the difficulty of its apprehension. Olga approaches her subject as an indeterminate and fluid element within which events take shape. She seeks to give form to time and its content while formalizing her physical and emotional relationship with it. The viewer is invited to discover the sculpture from different angles and with different lighting effects, always seeing it in a new way.
Léa Dumayet's predominantly sculptural practice is based on exploring the characteristics of materials, notably metal and elements from nature, investigating their potentials and breaking points. Her sculptures and installations are often fragile, in balance. With pieces like 'Souffle' and 'Vulcain,' Léa creates gentle and repetitive waves emanating from within the movement of wax. This wax shifts from a liquid to a solid state within minutes as it cools, finding equilibrium among the constraints of time, space, and force.

By creating connections between the body, space-time, and consciousness, Béatrice Bissara questions the evolution of humanity's relationship with the world, progressively challenging a dualistic vision of a dominant Western world where humans are separated from nature, in favor of a more cosmological view where humans are no longer at the center. The series 'Skin Sea' represents forms derived from the marine world. The artist induces a meditative state and an awakening to life through the movement and vibration of colors. The pictorial repetition of gestures involves the body and carries a meditative and hypnotic value, transferring from the creator to the viewer.

Florence Marmiesse, co-founder of IDA, explains:'We conceived this exhibition as a space for reflection within BARNES, where the artworks offer us a new perspective on the world.'

Didier Six, Director of Real Estate Operations at BARNES, explains:'BARNES embodies a certain vision of the art of living, which we strive to uphold in our daily activities. Thus, we are a committed player in the art market and support emerging talents in contemporary creation. We are delighted to collaborate with these four uniquely visionary artists and exhibit their works within our own spaces: BARNES George V and BARNES Auteuil.'

Camilla D’Alfonso, co-founder of IDA:'The exhibition is an invitation to contemplation and inspiration for both collaborators and clients.'

IDA:IDA is a consulting agency specializing in the development of artistic projects, collaborations, art acquisitions, conservation, exhibitions, personalized commissions, and events.

Fluids are in constant evolution and perpetual motion. Their variations communicate with each other, creating a world of harmony.The artworks presented in 'The Dynamics of Fluids' invite us to contemplate the world in a new light. They remind us that matter is in constant evolution and that humanity is a fragile being.

The exhibition 'The Dynamics of Fluids' can be explored from November 29, 2023, to February 29, 2024, at the Barnes George V and Auteuil agencies.

Partial exhibition visits are open.Or by appointment until February 29, 2024. (contact: +33 6 45 57 64 81)

BARNES George V, 14, avenue George V - 75008 ParisMonday to Friday 9 am - 6 pm
BARNES Auteuil 1 Rue Michel Ange, 75016 ParisMonday to Friday 9 am - 7 pm; Saturday 10 am - 6 pm