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Property market situation - Paris Le MARAIS



Le Marais, History and Charm

At BARNES, Le Marais is a name, a neighborhood, and four prestigious districts. From Place des Vosges to Rue du Parc Royal, from Rue Vieille du Temple to Quai d’Orléans, from Île de la Cité to Marché des Enfants Rouges, these prestigious addresses enchant French and foreign buyers alike. Architectural splendors, panoramic views of the capital, endless perspectives on the Seine and its bridges, the beauty of Paris shines at every moment in its timeless streets. Ancient, historical, emblematic, Le Marais is a bustling neighborhood, a stronghold of creativity. Art galleries, museums, fashion boutiques, restaurants, and artisans, in its village atmosphere, the oldest district of Paris brings together icons of fashion, lifestyle, and culture. Caroline BAUDRY and the entire team at BARNES LE MARAIS await you at 125 Rue Vieille du Temple to introduce you to their selection of the most exclusive properties in this exceptional neighborhood. 

Le Marais, a safe investment

Beauty knows no crisis. A prestigious neighborhood by essence, the real estate market of Le Marais has experienced a 10% growth over the past five years and ranks among the most expensive in Paris. In perpetual motion, its 5-star hotels, constantly renewed trendy shops, and top-notch restaurants earn it constant success among very heterogeneous investors. Trend and nightlife enthusiasts, business singles remain faithful to Le Marais. Thanks to its excellent school zoning, couples attached to the neighborhood, its pedestrian streets, and its village atmosphere, choose to settle there after the birth of their first child. With its very broad appeal, Le Marais displays an average price of €14,000 per square meter.

While foreign clientele, especially American, had become rarer in recent years, 2023 marked their great return to Paris. In search of exceptional pied-à-terre in historic alleys, they are followed by a new French clientele leaving the capital and eager to keep a connection to authentic Paris. Place des Vosges, Quai de Bourbon, or Place Dauphine, reference locations, record sales reaching up to €35,000 per square meter. Supported by its economic dynamism, Le Marais experiences consistently high demand and once again confirms its status as a safe haven.

Le Marais, a prestigious adress

Le Marais is a brand. An image forged over the decades by those who have lived in it, loved it, and constantly reinvented it. Its residents cultivate its village atmosphere, its authentic micro-districts as much as its prestigious addresses. At the top of the demands are Place des Vosges, Île Saint-Louis, Rue Vieille du Temple, and Île de la Cité. Le Marais seduces with its streets steeped in history, its mansions, its classical buildings, sometimes atypical. As a counterpart to the charm of the old, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th districts mainly offer medium-sized properties. While they meet the strong demand for exceptional pied-à-terre, large apartments with views, balconies, or terraces are rare. The elevator, often absent from these buildings, remains a determining criterion in the choice of investors. As spring approaches, Le Marais is preparing for the effects of the upcoming Olympic Games. Renovations, refurbishments, the neighborhood undergoes significant beautification works and sees new trends emerge. The Arts-et-Métiers sector is transforming and attracting figures from gastronomy and fashion. On the Sully-Morland side, the project of a neighborhood-building called 'La Félicité' is promising. This 40,000 square meter space housing shops, residences, a five-star hotel, offices, art galleries, restaurants, youth hostels, swimming pool, and urban agriculture has awakened the sublime streets of a dormant neighborhood.