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Real estate: new uses of second homes

Real Estate & Art de Vivre


In the context of a pandemic and amid the spread of remote working, new property uses are developing. The concept of a semi-primary residence is also gaining ground. What are the figures? Is it a lasting trend?

The newspaper Les Echos discusses a booming model, referring in particular to our BARNES Study published in early December on ‘New property lifestyles’.

2020 has certainly reshuffled the deck in the property market generally speaking and for second homes in particular. With the coronavirus pandemic and the two resulting lockdowns, second homes have doubled in attraction. Both for those who have been able to take refuge there and those dreaming of them while shut up in their city apartments.

The findings of this study as well as the various testimonials from notaries and estate agents describe and highlight the emergence of this new semi-primary residence trend.

The development of remote working, the desire for space and a garden, as well as the health crisis are leading people to rethink their lifestyles. “This restructuring is expected to involve an increase in the amount of time spent each year at their second homes [response from 89% of those surveyed], which they would be happy to transform into a semi-primary residence [72% in favour],” explains Thibault de Saint Vincent, President of BARNES.

So what form are these new semi-second homes taking?
From the point of view of size, location and price, what type of semi-second residences are most sought-after?

Find out the answers in the full article.

© Les Echos - published on Barnes International on 18/12/2020

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