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Game reserve

Domaine de chasse for sale - France (8 properties)

Domaine de chasse for sale - France (8 properties)

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Exceptional hunting area available for sale

BARNES offers for sale hunting properties forming a world apart

True passion in the heart of the traditions and history of the country, our country has the largest number of licensed hunters in Europe who discover many territories and favorable areas and reputed and protected for nature lovers and hunting.

Sologne, a region famous for its numerous hunts, its abundant game, its hectares of protected forests, fish ponds, traditional farmhouses and Solognotes houses. But the Camargue, Alsace and Lorraine also enjoy a strong reputation for the quality of their natural parks and the wildlife that thrives there.

BARNES, through BARNES Properties & Châteaux, puts at your disposal a team of experts, connoisseurs and nature lovers, to guide you throughout the purchase or sale of a hunting property.

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