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Hongrie - Budapest - Luxury homes for sale


All the luxury estate from Hungary!

BARNES presents to you the best of the luxury real estate with a selection of prestigious properties for sale, from Hungary and its sublime capital, Budapest.

The inhabitants of Hungary enjoy a sweetness of life, in the fabulous landscapes of Hungary, as well as in extraodinary cities like Budapest, in a country which is famous for its deeply rich artistic culture. Hungary presents charms by its authentic cities like  Fot, Veszprém, Dunakeszi, Kapolnasnyék ou Siofok, but also in its wonderful capital, Budapest, where the life is simply fascinating!

Appartments, character houses, chateaux or manors, you will discover a selection of unprecedented luxury properties! An Art Nouveau appartment on the last floor with a view on the Danube, natural light, a late-baroque style manor, with a swimming pool, a sauna or a jacuzzi, a bright bathroom, modern kitchen and dining room, a terrace with a view on Szombathely, or an avant-garde house, close to the Balaton Lake, with a luminous ceiling, a wine cellar, and very spacious room for your best comfort.

Choose hungary for your life project, and discover the luxury real estate selection of prestigious properties with BARNES Hungary.

The most beautiful exclusive properties and luxury apartments

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