The 7th arrondissement of Paris and the majesty of the Eiffel Tower

To foreigners, Paris with its illustrious centerpiece, the Eiffel Tower, is one of the wonders of the world - but they’re not the only ones who feel this way. Philippe Chryssostalis, director of Barnes Paris 7th, tells us that the Iron Lady also has a special place in the dreams of French people, even Parisians.

You could say that Philippe Chryssostalis is very lucky man to be able to work in one of the most beautiful arrondissements in Paris. Under a seal of secrecy, he has revealed to us that some apartments in 7th arrondissement are sold just a few days after being put on market, sometimes even on the same day. These are called flash sales.

An arrondissement with an imaginary border

Apartments in the 7th arrondissement are extremely in-demand. In fact, so much so that the BARNES team felt that it was necessary to draw an invisible line on the border of Invalides, reorganizing this arrondissement in two parts. On one side you have Saint-Germain, on the other Champ de Mars.

It’s no tall tale that Saint-Germain is a very privileged neighborhood, home to a happy few on the left bank. Residential addresses in this area are a little more confidential and can be found inconspicuously set in elegant buildings. Saint-Germain is also a stronghold of government ministries and beautiful historic buildings. Phillippe also revealed that this part of the 7th is little more bourgeois, intellectual, even political, backed by the chic setting of Rue de Varennes, Rue de Grenelle, Le Bon Marché, and the famous Lutetia, which is scheduled to reopen its doors after months of renovations.

Champ de Mars

The Champ de Mars neighborhood is in comparison much younger and family-oriented. Its nickname, “le quartier du Gros-Caillou” can be traced back through its history: Around 1935, the 7th started to emerge as the site of some of the country’s most important monuments, however, the name of the Gros Caillou tobacco factory and the little church of Saint-Pierre-Gros-Caillou managed to stick. Still, these buildings were soon dethroned by the majestic construction of Gustave Eiffel, and housing began to sprout to accommodate the engineers responsible for building this emblematic symbol of Paris.

Both families and foreigners adore the Champ de Mars neighborhood for its views of a number of great monuments - Invalides, École Militaire, Le Pont Alexandre III, etc. - and, almost as importantly, for its warm and friendly atmosphere. The neighborhood has quite the reputation for its shops and restaurants. Neighbors of the 7th don’t hesitate to cross the Seine to shop on Rue Cler and Rue Saint-Dominique. Restaurants around Champ de Mars are very popular. For gastronomy lovers, Chef Christian Constant has even opened several establishments. Even more, President Obama chose the Fontaine de Mars to enjoy a family dinner for an authentic Parisian atmosphere and cuisine.

Taste la crème de la crème in the 7th

The 7th arrondissement of Paris is highly sought after by families for its excellent schools. BARNES has particularly noticed a spike in interest from expatriates returning as a result of Brexit. Impressive sales have been made. The 7th is also on many foreigners’ radars, with sights set on a prestigious address near La Motte Pique, Rue Fabert, and Avenue Emile Deschanel just to name a few. Interested buyers heavily consider the little alleyways of the Champ de Mars with a view of the Eiffel Tower, apartments in Invalides with a panorama of the beautiful Pont Alexandre III, and a residence on the Quai d’Orsay overlooking the Seine as exceptional places to live.

Philippe told us in confidence that apartments with the best setups (no wasted space or huge hallways), and especially those with a star-shaped layout, sell immediately. These properties are often more expensive per m2 than larger spaces that are not optimized.

The 7th in one word

We asked Philippe to define his favorite neighborhood in one word. He responded immediately, “ELEGANCE” in all its forms.

The elegance of the residents in the 7th, the elegance of its savoir-faire, the elegance of its style, the elegance of its buildings and parks, and the elegance of its views. All this elegance is found under the watchful eye of an elegant iron tower, soaring 324 meters high.

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