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BARNES, a major player in vineyard mergers and acquisitions

Investment advice


BARNES Vineyards Investment offers its customers expertise, advice and guaranteed support in the very demanding transactions of vineyard investments, with tailored assistance throughout their project.

' Just like property, running a vineyard incorporates elements of both asset management and art de vivre. It was therefore natural that BARNES should contribute its expertise, adds Thibault de Saint Vincent, CEO. BARNES’s reputation is a real strength and enables us to address a wide portfolio of investors. '

' More than assets, what is sold is an entrepreneurial project, says Arnaud Lurton, Associate Director, thanks to expertise in the winemaking trades – working the land, vinification, sales and logistics. Investors are demanding and take the time to study proposals in detail and analyse them. We must convince them of the potential and demonstrate the robustness of the business plan. '

There are 3 possibilities open to investors:

'Art de vivre': family project based on a career change or as a secondary line of business, producing an upmarket micro-vintage - 1 to 10 hectares (2.5 to 25 acres).

'Business': the aim is to diversify and make a financial and asset investment - 10 to 150 hectares (25 to 370 acres).

'Trophy Asset': the aim, for very large fortunes and institutional investors, is to make a financial and asset investment that is beneficial to a brand image or reputation. Wine-growing properties or vine parcels under an internationally renowned designation Crus Classés in Médoc or Saint-Emilion, Premiers Crus and Grands Crus de Bourgogne, Pomerol, Côte-Rôtie, etc.) are the target of this type of investment.

A sound asset strategy

'Although it implies the idea of a hobby for those who love great wines, investing in a vineyard also makes a lot of sense as a way to diversify savings products and draw profitability and added value' remarks Arnaud Lurton.

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